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Whether you are working in a confined high-traffic area, or you need to free up space, AFC’s Wall & Ceiling Mount options offer ideal space-saving solutions to mount monitors, CPUs and keyboards. The Wall & Ceiling Mount Series include VESA-compliant LCD monitor arms that can be mounted to the wall and ceiling. Some models provide a combination of a monitor arm, keyboard tray and CPU holder. Our Monitor & Keyboard Wall Mounts enable you to adjust both the keyboard and monitor height from a seated to standing position, as well as from left to right.
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Wall Mounts for 8 LCD Monitors & Keyboard & CPU

1.  WM-RK8MC-W17
Wall Mount Monitor Arm

2.  AFC12-W17
Wall Mount Monitor Arm

3.  AFC22G-W17
Wall Mount Monitor Holder

4.  AFC10F-W17
Monitor Holder Ceiling Mount

5.  CM-LCD4-W17
Monitor Holder Ceiling Mount

6.  CM-LCD1-W17
Monitor Holder Ceiling Mount

7.  CM-LCD2-W17
Wall Mount Monitor Holder

8.  AFC11B-W17
Wall Mount - Monitor Holder

9.  WMPLE-2MH-W17
Wall Mount - Combo Monitor & Keyboard Arm

10.  AFC78-21-01-W17
40" LCD Monitor holder, Keyboard Tray, CPU Holder

11.  WM-ST-640-W17
Wall Mount Combo - LCD & Keyboard + CPU

12.  WM-C-AFC78-01-W17
Wall Mount - pneumatically height adjustable

13.  WM-RKMC-P-04-W17
SecureWall Mount for Your Customers

14.  IR100-001-W17
LCD / Flat Panel Monitor Holder  Wall Mount

15.  WMPLE-3MH-W17
LCD / Flat Panel Monitor Holder  Wall Mount

16.  WMPLE-4MH-W17
Big Smartboards Wall Mount

17.  WM-192-001-W17
Wall Mounts for LCD Monitors & Keyboard

18.  WM-MKS-W17
Wall Mounts for LCD Monitors with Keyboard Tray

19.  LCD WM-RK-1M-W17
CPU Holder

20.  CPU-13-25-W17
Wall Mount

21.  AFC16-W17
Wall Mount  - Monitor Holder

22.  AFC22-W17
Monitor Holder - Wall Mount

23.  AFC18-W17
Wall Mount - Mobile Desktop - Monitor Arm

24.  AFC05-W17
Wall Mount Retractable Keyboard 1M

25.  WM-RK-1M-W17
Wall Mount Retractable Keyboard 2M

26.  WM-RK-2M-W17
Wall Mount

27.  WM-RKZMC-W17
Wall Mount with 2 Z Arms

28.  WM-RK2ZMC-W17
Wall Mount Pneumatic Lift

29.  WM-RKMC-P-W17
Wall Mount for 12 LCD Monitors

30.  WM-12M-W17
Wall Mount Pneumatic Lift

31.  WM-RKMC-P-1-W17

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