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1 thick sound absorbing fiber with reflector on one side
Sturdy metal frame structure
Prevents light interference
Can be used as a tack board
- Height - 60" - 72"
- Width - 36", 48", 60", 72"
Plexiglas top
Free standing, mobile or fixed to the floor/ cart
Complete your own private workspace with AFC Partitions! They not only provide privacy but also act as sound barriers and sound absorbers to avoid disturbance from other workers. It also prevents light interference due to monitors or other light sources.
Don't want to mess your desk or monitors with post it's? Use our partitions as a tack board to remind you of your important meetings or assignment
AFC Partition can be configured to suit your room.
 Standard Colors
 Frame Colors
Black Gray Putty
 Fabric Colors
Black Gray Blue

The MobiCube™ panels are mounted on AFC’s workstations that can be rolled anywhere to instantly create a reading room environment. These partitions have special hinges that allow them to be positioned in any angle ranging from 0° - 90° that can be locked into place using the two lockable casters.

The MobiCube™ can be used to either create a cubicle or act as a partition along the length of the room itself, without going through the complexities of installation or building codes as all our products come fully assembled.


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Ergo Tier with MobiCube™

1.  mobicube-d1-W17
Ergo Tier with MobiCube™

2.  mobicube-a1-W17
Ergo Tier with MobiCube™

3.  mobicube-e1-W17
Ergo Tier with MobiCube™

4.  mobicube-closed-W17
Ergo Tier with MobiCube™

5.  mobicube-open-W17
Mobicube Partition 6060 - 60"W and 60"H

6.  MP6060-W17
Mobicube Partition 7260 - 72"W and 60"H

7.  MP7260-W17
Mobicube Partition 7272 - 72"W and 72"H

8.  MP7272-W17
Mobicube Partition 7272-A   72"W and 72"H

9.  MP7272-A-W17
Mobicube Partition 8472   84"W and 72"H

10.  MP8472-W17
Mobicube Partition 6072   60"W and 72"H

11.  MP6072-W17
Mobicube Partition 6060 Fixed to the Floor

12.  MP6060-Floor-W17
Mobicube Partition 6060 Fixed to the Dual Tier

13.  MP6060-Dual-W17

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