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PACS Deluxe

ErgoTier Deluxe, an innovative ergonomic radiology reading station with an electronically powered, fully adjustable tilting and height work surface and monitor arms set. Designed for maximum in comfort, convenience and safety.

Touch of a button adjustments:
  • Surface Height
  • Surface Tilt
  • Monitors Height
  • Monitors Retraction
PACS Radiology Workstation with 4 monitors
Separate z-arm for each monitor:
  • Sliding on the track left-right
  • 3 swivel points allow positioning anywhere in 17" radius
  • Vertical tilt at the monitor mounting plate


Touch of a button adjustments:
  • Surface Height
  • Monitors Set Height
PACS Workstation with 3 monitors
Flexo Arm Set gives
  • extension and retraction of all monitor set together
  • Side wings allow to bring the outer monitors in arc surrounding you
Touch of a button adjustments:
  • Surface Height
  • Monitors Set Height
Workstations with Independent Electronically Height Adjustable Table top and Monitor Arms Set

A next-generation PACS Workstation, Ergo TierT takes AFC's thoughtful ergonomic design to a new level. It combines a strong, durable, height-adjustable single tier workstation with a new flexible flat panel monitor platform. At the touch of a button, the height of the work surface and displays can adjust to the desired level. The monitor's forward, backward and tilt positions can also be modified to meet the user's exact needs. Whether seated or standing, users will enjoy a comfortable and ergonomically enhanced work environment.

The cart comes with a full range of accessories to ensure the ultimate in reading comfort and convenience. Cable management keeps wires neat and unobtrusive, while dimmer-controlled task lighting illuminates the user's work to the desired intensity, reducing eye train and monitor glare. Adjustable phone and dictation equipment supports keep this equipment within easy reach, while leaving work surfaces clutter-free.

Other useful features include a CPU/UPS platform, sturdy footrest to ease back strain and even a stable cup holder positioned to avoid spills. Heavy-duty locking castors facilitate easy movement.

The purpose of a Height Adjustable Desk is that it decreases stress and increase work productivity

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