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Plasma Cart

The Plasma Cart™ is a durable sturdy, and adjustable mobile solution for data and video access.

The Plasma Cart™ allows you to strategically bring a large flat screen and related electronic equipment wherever they are needed. It accommodates flat screens with up to a 46" viewing area, with tilt -5° to +15°.

All components of the plasma Cart™ are height adjustable. Internal wire management is enclosed by easy-to-remove access panels.

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Plasma Cart

1.  XLCD200-02P-W17
Plasma Cart

2.  XLCD200-03-W17
Plasma Cart

3.  XLCD300-01-W17
Mobile Meeting Cart : XLCD

4.  XLCD1-W17
Mobile Meeting Cart

5.  XLCD200-01-W17
Plasma Cart

6.  XLCD500-06-W17
Plasma Cart

7.  XLCD200-07-W17
Plasma Cart

8.  MLCD400-01-W17
Plasma Cart

9.  XMLCD200-01 Mini-W17

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