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Wall Mounts for LCD Monitors with Keyboard Tray (LCD WM-RK-1M-W17)

Wall Mounts for LCD Monitors with Keyboard Tray

AFC's Monitor/Keyboard Wall Mount is perfect for confined, high traffic spaces, because of its compact design.This space saver solution is also ideal for areas where multiple operators use a single computer workstation.

It allows the user to adjust both, the keyboard and monitor's height (vertical adjustment from sit-down to stand-up position) and left to right positioning. The user can also rotate de LCD panel about 300 degrees radius and tilt it to avoid glare. The keyboard can be extended or retracted to adjust the correct typing distance from the monitor.

Together with a matching Wall Mount CPU Holder, this innovative and flexible design cretaes and ergonomic and productive work environment.

Supplied with 75x75mm mounting plates for the monitors. Meets VESA standards.

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