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Big Smartboards Wall Mount (WM-192-001-W17)

Big Smartboards Wall Mount

Big Smartboards Wall Mount

As HD Plasma monitors and smartboards get larger and larger, the new AFC Industries Multiple Monitor Wall Mount series has been developed to insure the safe mounting and display of these giant screens. Available in lengths of up to 16 feet, these wall mounts can safely hold up to three monitors/smartboards of 80 inches and 225 lbs. each, depending upon your needed configuration.

The tilt and swivel functionality allows the user to easily slide the screens left to right, go from portrait to landscape and arrange the monitors in an arc shape for the proper focal lengths and optimal viewing.

Whether it is in a conference, meeting, board, training or presentation room, you will be able to tilt and swivel these large units to give your messages and presentations the impact it deserves. Protect your valuable equipment and know that it is safely and securely held in place with this new Multiple Monitor wall mount system.

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